St. George Terroir Gin

A profoundly lush and aromatic gin with a real sense of place, Terroir is our ode to the wild beauty of the Golden State. In your glass, it conveys what we love about the monumental groves of trees, moist and misty glens, and sun-baked chaparral of our favorite landscapes. Sip it and be transported. 

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Formats: 750ml & 200ml
ABV: 45%
Availability: Widely available

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One of the most distinctive gins made in America

- GQ

One of the best gins you’ll ever taste

- Forbes

Spectacularly evocative

- Food & Wine

An intense, woodsy aroma and a clean, crisp flavor… simply beautiful in a martini

- Washington Post

An expression of a forest that is so right on, it could make the bear on the label homesick

- 7x7

What John Muir would have carried in his flask

- Tasting Table

Delivers hints of pine and sage, giving a simple Gin and Tonic a new world of flavor

- Paste

Mix it in an ice-cold Martini with dry vermouth and you’ll never look back

- VinePair

Take your gin and tonic to the next level

- Insider

What’s in it?

The Douglas fir we use in Terroir comes from a forest in Mendocino, where it is harvested seasonally to help with fire abatement. California bay laurel grows abundantly in the hills around the Bay Area. Chris often picks up a truck full of branches on his way into work, where Jack pulls the leaves off one by one. We wok-roast the coriander we use in Terroir, which brings out an earthy aroma. Angelica and orris root balance the bright aromatics of lemon and Seville orange peel. Coastal sage, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel seed complete the picture, while juniper berries bring the botanicals together.

The Process

We distill fir and sage separately from the other ingredients to minimize impacts from seasonal variations. Fresh bay laurel leaves and juniper berries are vapor-infused. The other botanicals (including coriander seeds we wok-roast) go right in the pot of our 1,500-liter still.

The Experience

Terroir is a forest in your glass with ultra woodsy notes of Douglas fir, California bay laurel, and a hint of citrus. Coastal sage and wok-roasted coriander suggest hillside thickets, while angelica root and cinnamon evoke the earthy smell of the trail.

Terroir is stunning on the rocks or in a Martini. It's also lovely in a Collins garnished with fennel, bay leaf, or whatever fresh herbs you have on hand. Its outdoorsy notes make for a perfect Bramble. When mixed with sweet vermouth and our Bruto Americano in a gin-heavy Negroni riff, we call the drink an American Werewolf.

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