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St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy

St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy is a beautiful expression of fresh California apples. If you’re a fan of Calvados, prepare to up your game.

Format: 750ml
ABV: 43%
Availability: Limited

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The Spirit

We've been distilling fruit brandies since 1982, and this limited-release spirit is a fitting showcase of that legacy.

What’s in it?

We source a field blend of fresh apples from a family-owned farm in Mendocino County. From tangy (Granny Smith), to pie-like (Jonathan), tannic (Black Arkansas), and even exotic (Winter Banana), this brandy is a showcase for the delicious spectrum of tastes and aromatics that apples can offer. The blend also includes both classic and traditional varieties like Fall Pippin, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gravenstein, Macintosh, Sierra Beauty, and Swaar.

The Process

We press the apples into cider, which we then cold-ferment and distill with more fresh apples in our pot stills. The resulting brandy is aged in an array of long-term casks prior to blending, as well as short-term finishing casks prior to bottling.

Our most recent release was aged 2–9 years in used American whiskey casks and used American and French oak wine casks. The bulk of the blend comes from barrels laid down in 2014–2015 (6–7 years old at time of bottling).

The Experience

Think of warm apple pie right out of the oven. Now imagine all that comforting, sweet, fragrant deliciousness as a rich textural experience in your glass.

On the nose: Crisp apple leads the way, supported by notes of honeysuckle, strawberry, and crème brûlée.

On the palate: Warm baking spices, apple pie, clover honey, cornbread, and a hint of dark chocolate.

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