St. George Pear Brandy

Our flagship spirit since 1982. A stunningly fruit-forward unsweetened spirit with all the complexity of a perfectly ripe pear. Currently out of stock.

Format: 750ml
ABV: 40%
Availability: Currently unavailable. Please check back.

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5 Stars/Highest Recommendation

- Spirit Journal

Authentic, ripe scents. Wow.

- Wine Enthusiast

Captures the complexity... Rich, soft, and intense.

- Wall Street Journal

Smooth and clear with an unusually intense, true fruit essence.

- Bon Appétit

Magnificent, complex, fruit-driven.

- San Francisco Chronicle


- Wine & Spirits Magazine

Excellent. A wonderful conclusion to a great meal.

- New York Times

Extraordinarily fruit-forward, this brandy tastes exactly like biting into a crisp, ripe pear, with an intense, natural pear aroma to match.

- Supercall

One of the best tree fruit brandies we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

- Good Spirits News

The Spirit

For more than 40 years, St. George Pear Brandy has exemplified our commitment to distilling groundbreaking spirits that showcase purity of flavor.

What’s in it?

St. George Pear Brandy is made from the most aromatic dry-farmed, organic Bartlett pears we can find—and we pack about 30 pounds of fruit into every 750ml bottle. Dry farming concentrates the flavor of the pears, and we use the whole fruit to ensure that we capture everything we love about these pears.

The Process

We begin by sourcing the most flavorful and characteristic organic Bartlett pears we can find and then ferment and distill them at their prime—when the aromas shift from incredible to irresistible. We use the whole fruit in its entirety in a deliberate effort to maximize the most compelling flavors and aromas.

We never add sugar or anything artificial, so all you get is the honest essence of the raw material.

We distill our brandy on our collection of copper pot stills, including our oldest still, a 250-liter beauty custom made for us by the Arnold Holstein Company in 1982, the same year we were founded. All our stills demand expertise and keen judgment, but in return give us extraordinary command over each distillation run.

The Experience

The nose is astonishingly fruit-forward, while the palate is dry but redolent of ripe Bartlett pears with subtle honey notes and a hint of spice. Further tasting reveals a buttery richness that’s balanced by steely minerality.

Europeans traditionally sip unaged fruit brandy as a digestif, and we’re all for that, but at 40% alcohol with no residual sugar, our wildly aromatic Pear Brandy is stunning in cocktails. Try it with hard cider in a highball, sip it with tonic water for a quick and delicious session cocktail, or swap it for the gin in this Negroni riff we call A Fistful of Pears.


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