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St George Dry Rye Gin

Our love for juniper is only rivaled by our love for breaking with convention. With its malted rye base, St. George Dry Rye gin is as velvety as it is groundbreaking. Black pepper, coriander and citrus compliment its juniper punch, whilecaraway accentuates the decadent texture of this tipple-transforming spirit.

Formats: 750ml & 200ml
ABV: 45%
Availability: Widely available

A pleasantly peppery kick in the mouth.

- Esquire

Something like a cross between traditional London dry and a rye whiskey… absolutely amazing in Negronis.

- Washington Post

Packed with spice alongside the usual juniper sharpness. Try it in a (very different) martini.

- GQ

This slightly sweet and subtly spicy version shines all on its own.Try sipping it straight, like bourbon or brandy.

- Playboy

Something else entirely; with a base of 100 percent pot-distilled rye, it has a rye whiskey’s spice but a standard gin’s juniper.

- Food & Wine

Versatile as heck. Handle it like whiskey or gin, in cocktails or neat.

- CRAFT by Under My Host

Has a bold, warm caraway scent and assertive notes of juniper and black pepper, finishing with peppy, lingering citrus flavor.

- Wine Enthusiast

In a category all its own, and lots of fun.

- VinePair

The Spirit

A base of 100% pot-distilled rye gives this peerless gin a peppery character and an impossibly rich mouthfeel. Spirits are our form of self-expression, and Dry Rye celebrates our love of juniper’s assertive side, while balancing it with a soft, lush finish.

What’s in it?

Juniper and rye share a spicy quality, which we emphasize with Dry Rye’s botanical bill. Juniper berries are the star here (we use twice as much juniper as we do in Terroir or Botanivore), complemented by black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, grapefruit peel, and lime peel. While the spice component of the first three is apparent, you might be surprised to learn that grapefruit and lime have one as well. The bright quality of the citrus also brings the spice into focus, giving it a clean, crisp edge that delights before yielding to the creamy quality of the pot-distilled rye.

The Process

Starting with unaged rye as the base spirit gives Dry Rye its warm, malty signature. We distill the botanicals using two techniques, so we can capture the exact flavor components we’re after. Our custom Arnold Holstein stills give us precise control over the pot-distilled peppercorns, caraway, coriander and citrus peel. We put the juniper berries into a steam distillation basket, where the vapor from the still can gently extract their bright, fruity characteristics.

The Experience

While some gins can lean towards the astringent, Dry Rye’s texture is anything but—think rich, velvety, Mel Torme. This spirit is compelling neat, and genre-busting in cocktails. Its unique blend of malty, spicy flavors gives it a natural affinity with bitters, citrus, stone fruit, or ginger.

With its bold juniper, Dry Rye goes toe-to-toe with the gentian root of the red bitter in a Negroni, creating a remarkably balanced version of the drink. It’s a revelation in a French 75, where its malted rye base enhances the biscuity qualities of fine champagne. The Penicillin highlights Dry Rye’s versatility. It stands in beautifully for the blended scotch of the original while adding new aromatics to this modern classic. Stir it up with gum syrup and bitters—you’ll never look at an Old Fashioned the same way again.

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