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St George Dry Rye Gin

For rye whiskey fans and open-minded spirits drinkers of all sorts, St. George Dry Rye Gin is one to try. With a subtle nod back to gin’s genever roots, this spirit is all about balancing the peppery punch of its focused botanical profile with a malty, velvety texture.

Formats: 750ml & 200ml
ABV: 45%
Availability: Widely available

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A pleasantly peppery kick in the mouth.

- Esquire

Something like a cross between traditional London dry and a rye whiskey… absolutely amazing in Negronis.

- Washington Post

Packed with spice alongside the usual juniper sharpness. Try it in a (very different) martini.

- GQ

This slightly sweet and subtly spicy version shines all on its own.Try sipping it straight, like bourbon or brandy.

- Playboy

Something else entirely; with a base of 100 percent pot-distilled rye, it has a rye whiskey’s spice but a standard gin’s juniper.

- Food & Wine

Versatile as heck. Handle it like whiskey or gin, in cocktails or neat.

- CRAFT by Under My Host

Has a bold, warm caraway scent and assertive notes of juniper and black pepper, finishing with peppy, lingering citrus flavor.

- Wine Enthusiast

In a category all its own, and lots of fun.

- VinePair

The Spirit

A base of 100% pot-distilled rye makes this a gin for whiskey lovers—and for gin im-purists willing to take a walk on the rye side. Think genever, then think again—and brace yourself for a gin with structure, spice, and an impossibly rich mouthfeel.

What’s in it?

Our Terroir and Botanivore Gin each have intricate botanicals bills designed to create a layered olfactory experience, but for Dry Rye Gin we chose just six botanical ingredients: Juniper berries are the star here (twice as much as either of our other two gins), complemented by black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, grapefruit peel, and lime peel—all of which were selected to play up the peppery nature of juniper that we love so much.

The Process

We make Dry Rye Gin on the same 1,500-liter copper pot still we use to make our Terroir and Botanivore Gins—but starting with unaged rye as the base spirit gives this gin its warm, malty signature.

The Experience

While some gins can lean towards the astringent, Dry Rye’s texture is anything but: Think rich, velvety, Mel Torme…

This spirit is compelling neat, and genre-busting in cocktails. Warm and spicy, it has a natural affinity with bitters, citrus, stone fruit, or ginger.

Try it in a Negroni, a Martinez, a Gin Buck—or any classic cocktail that calls for rye whiskey. You’ll never look at an Old Fashioned the same way again. It also makes a great substitute for aquavit in cocktails like the Trident.

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