St. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin

A barrel-rested gin? Yes! St. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin adds rich notes of dark fruit to our juniper-forward Dry Rye Gin with time in ex-wine casks, making it a genre-defying spirit that will delight fans of genever, whiskey and those who love to blur boundaries. 

Formats: 750ml
ABV: 49.5%
Availability: Widely available

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Astonishing stuff that’s wonderfully crafted—you’d never guess that this is 49.5% ABV despite the intense flavour and peppery heat.

- Master of Malt

Malty and oaky, with a fleeting note of dark fruit.

- Tasting Table

Focused and well-integrated.

- Serious Eats

Is it a rye for gin drinkers, or a gin for rye drinkers? Yes.

- Forbes

For fans of...really well-crafted, unexpected gin, this is a home run.

- Food & Wine

The Spirit

St. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin is a barrel-aged expression of our Dry Rye Gin. Rested in French and American oak wine casks, it has a lovely copper-pink hue and a deep, rich flavor that we think of as an offering to the gods of gin, whiskey, and wine!

What’s in it?

Our Dry Rye Gin has only six botanical ingredients: juniper berries, black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, grapefruit peel, and lime peel. Juniper is the star of the show in this spirit, but while gin typically highlights the peppery side of the botanical, the time our Dry Rye Repo spends in ex-wine barrels brings out the fruit qualities of the juniper berry.

The Process

We rested our Dry Rye Gin in French and American oak wine casks that previously held Grenache rosé, Syrah, and Tannat. Because unaged rye is the base spirit of our Dry Rye Gin, it lent itself beautifully to some time in barrel. The barrels came from local Blacksmith Cellars, run by winemaker Matt Smith—brother of St. George head distiller Dave Smith.

The Experience

Dry Rye Reposado Gin has a robust malt character, with piquant spice and the suggestion of stone fruit. It’s a natural in an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martinez or any other classic rye cocktail and is also a beautiful complement to drinks that feature sherry, umeshu, and ginger.

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