St. George All Purpose Vodka

The name says it all! This is the perfect building block for all your favorite vodka cocktails. Approachable, supple, as versatile as you want it to be. 

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Format: 750ml & 200ml
ABV: 40%
Availability: Widely available

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Needs nothing added to it. A hands-down instant classic.

- Spirit Journal

How can one vodka be differentiated from another? By texture, that’s how. (This one is) particularly silky, rich (and) well balanced.

- Serious Eats

Exceedingly versatile... (with) fruity-floral hints and velvety consistency.

- Food & Wine

A textural masterclass. 94 points.

- VinePair

Smooth, robust, and easy going.

- Wine & Spirits Magazine

Just the bottle for restocking your home bar.

- Los Angeles Times

It’s perhaps no surprise one of America’s best craft distilleries also excels at vodka... Oddly refreshing, with a purity of flavor and an almost silky texture.


Mildly fruity and floral, making it a great candidate for sipping alone or in an ice-cold Martini.

- Supercall

If you can smell quality, you can smell it in this vodka.

- The Vodka Guy

90 points

- Wine Enthusiast

Best overall vodka

- Insider

The midpalate explodes with flavors of grapes, green apple and pear.

- Robb Report

What’s in it?

Pears (yes, pears) are the secret to All Purpose Vodka’s substantial texture and delicate aromatics, though it has no overt pear flavor to it. We've been distilling pears for more than four decades and know exactly how to coax the best from this fruit, even when distilling it to vodka proof. Using the same flavorful and aromatic pears that we do in our flagship pear brandy creates a vodka that is uniquely St. George—and results in a truly all-purpose spirit.

The Process

We distill our flagship pear brandy up to 95.1% ABV, blend the resulting distillate with non-GMO grain neutral spirit, then filter to remove visible impurities before bottling.

A Nicka nd Nora coupe with two speared olives

The Experience

As its tongue-in-cheek name implies, All Purpose Vodka works in cocktails of all stripes.

While we love sipping All Purpose Vodka chilled with a twist, it has the versatility and character to elevate all manner of cocktails. It shines in a Dirty Martini, where its lush mouthfeel compliments the savory quality of the olives. Try it with our NOLA Coffee Liqueur in a White Russian or an Espresso Martini, where it highlights the bright fruit notes of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans we use.

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