A bottle of St George Single Malt Whiskey Lot22

St. George Single Malt Whiskey

Back in 2000, there was no such thing as “American Single Malt Whiskey.” Our Lot Series is the single malt that earned master distiller Lance Winters his place in the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame. His pioneering approach—using five roast levels of malted barley pot distilled once to maximize the flavor from the grain—remains as revolutionary as it is delicious.

Format: 750ml
ABV: 43%
Availability: A very limited annual release

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Able to mount a strong argument for being the best single malt in America.

- Paste Magazine

Craft Whiskey of the Year (2014)

- Whisky Advocate

Like no other whiskey ever. A rainbow of sweet fruit and flower aromas you can scarcely believe come from grain, and an amazing smoothness on the palate.

- Los Angeles Times

Might just be the best U.S. single malt available today.

- 1001 Whiskeys You Must Taste Before You Die

A true American original.

- Wine & Spirits Magazine

Phenomenal. Unlike any other being made today—fruity and full of deep, rich, smoky notes.

- Sour Mash Manifesto

An explosion of pineapple and coconut flavors on a base of pine, cedar, and vanilla.

- Saveur

The coolest whiskey maker in America.

- Inc.

An elegant whiskey as good as some of the best Scotches in all the land.

- Men’s Health

The Spirit

Influenced by the eau de vie techniques of our founder Jörg Rupf, master distiller Lance Winters developed an unprecedented approach to whiskey making—focusing on the incredible flavors that can be coaxed from barley malt with meticulous pot distillation. Spirits are our form of self-expression, and St. George Single Malt Whiskey is a testament to the enduring power of making something as well as you possibly can, even when it takes time for others to appreciate the value of your approach.

What’s in it?

Lance’s brewing background strongly informed our whiskey’s mash bill—using various roast levels of two-row barley to elicit rich aromas of hazelnut and cocoa, and smoking a portion of unroasted barley over beech and alder wood to add base notes and additional complexity.

The resulting whiskey is expressive and inviting right off the still, but a variety of cooperage types contribute an even greater depth of flavor—creating a layered single malt with a signature all its own.

The Process

We thoughtfully selected and blended 20 barrels of our single malt for our Lot 22 release. Cooperage includes used Kentucky bourbon barrels, used Tennessee whiskey barrels, as well as both American and French oak via apple brandy, port, and California Sauternes-style wine casks. The youngest barrel is about four-and-a-half years, while the oldest single cask is about eight-and-a-half years old. Lot 22 also includes cask blends with whiskey dating back 23 years.

Head distiller/blender Dave Smith has this to share about the blending process: “Each single malt whiskey barrel in our inventory is individually considered for its own merits and its blending potential for this year’s Lot. Once we’ve created aromatic and tasting notes for every barrel, we review which barrels seem to be at a peak in their aging potential and carefully create small blends from those few chosen casks. Ultimately our efforts are less for consistency alone but to surprise and delight fans of our single malt whiskey. If you know our whiskey, each Lot should be akin to visiting an old friend who has a few new stories to share with you.”

The Experience

Lot 22 is a rich and satisfying evolution of our single malt that beautifully showcases all the fruit we’re able to capture from our finishing casks. This year’s release features whiskies that spent time in apple brandy, port, and California Sauternes-style wine casks—which lend the decadent dessert flavors you’ll see in the tasting notes below.

On the nose of Lot 22 you’ll find notes of espresso, brown butter, walnut fudge, cherry cobbler, and coriander.

On the palate: roasted hazelnut, mocha, gingerbread, baklava, and honeydew.

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