Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie

What does a master distiller do when there’s a perfect tomato season? Lance Winters created Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie to sip with beefsteaks, but it works just as well with anything your garden grows. With the rich body of Genovese basil and the bright aromatics of Thai basil, it lends itself to sweet and savory cocktails alike, adding an incomparably fresh flavor. 

Format: 750ml
ABV: 40%
Availability: Available in many markets

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I could drink St. George's Basil Eau de Vie every day of my life.

- Serious Eats

A small bottling with big flavor.

- San Francisco Chronicle

What’s in it?

We use two varieties of the namesake herb in Basil Eau de Vie to create a lush, dynamic spirit that showcases this revered plant in all its glory. Fresh Genovese basil gives the eau de vie its buttery, green base, while fresh Thai basil lends bright, spicy top notes. Unaged grape brandy brings this rich herbal experience to fruition with its creamy body and fruit-forward mid-palate.

The Process

While we sometimes use vapor distillation to bring out the soft side of a fresh botanical, Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie demands a bold approach. We put both the Thai and the Genovese basil right into the pot of our custom Arnold Holstein copper stills to get lots of concentrated licorice, fresh fennel, and sweet grassy notes that wouldn’t be as apparent otherwise. The result is an unabashedly fresh spirit that tastes bright and alive.

The Experience

On the nose, Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie leads with bright anise notes that give way to a classic Italian basil freshness. On the palate, warm menthol gives way to rich vegetal flavors before finishing with a light sweetness.

If you’re in the mood for something simple and fresh, try in a Gimlet, where it’s a revelation in place of the gin. Basil and ginger are frequent companions in the kitchen, and they also make a great cocktail like this basil Buck we call the Yam Yam. If you want to experience Basil Eau de Vie in all its spirited glory, try it as a split base in a Martini, where it takes juniper in a bright, green direction. And, befitting its inspiration, it works beautifully with fresh tomato water or with any type of agua fresca. (Watermelon and strawberry are favorites with it.)

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