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Recipe: Classic

Photo: Matthew Wyne


Botanivore Southside

2 oz St. George Botanivore Gin

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

3/4 oz simple syrup

A few sprigs mint

Given the amount of time we spend working with fresh herbs in making spirits, it should come as no surprise that we love fresh herbs in our cocktails as well. The Southside is a classic example. Tossing some mint into your tins before you shake what is otherwise a simple gin sour adds so much to the drink. We love a Southside with Botanivore because the mint brings out the citrus peel, ginger and fresh California bay we use in its botanical bill. To make one, combine all ingredients in a tin with ice, then shake and double strain into a coupe, removing all but the finest bits of mint leaf. Then garnish with a fresh mint sprig. You can use a lemon wheel to hold the mint if you want to get fancy.



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