May 2020


Ordering cocktails and bottles to go from bars and restaurants is a great way to help establishments that are struggling right now—but truth be told, to-go sales barely scratch the surface when it comes to meeting the needs of bars, restaurants, and hospitality workers.

We urge you to help spread the word about the hospitality industry's needs and make a contribution if you're in a position to do so. Here are some ideas for how to help: Locally

The Bay Area Hospitality Coalition has gathered numerous resources for business owners and employees, as well as supporters looking for ways to help.

CUESA and the San Francisco chapter of the USBG have partnered on Feed Hospitality , a program to provide free boxes of fresh produce to members of our hospitality community who are out of work, while also supporting local farmers who have lost high-volume restaurant business.

In partnership with World Central Kitchen, East Bay FeedER uses tax-deductible donations to purchase meals from local, independently owned restaurants and delivers them to local hospitals On a national level

The James Beard Foundation has started Open For Good , a campaign to support the recovery and rebuilding of an independent restaurant industry.

The Beard Foundation is also a founding partner of the Independent Restaurant Coalition , which is lobbying Congress and advocating on behalf of the country's 500,000 independent restaurants and more than 11 million restaurant workers.

Restaurants and bars all over the country are selling gift cards and have started GoFundMe campaigns. If there are independent establishments in your neighborhood that you want to help see through these difficult times, check out their websites and social media pages and see what kind of help they're seeking.

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