Community Support

We strive to be good citizens and neighbors by actively supporting
organizations that work to improve our community. If your registered nonprofit organization is seeking a donation for an upcoming fundraising event, we’d like to support you if we can.

Please carefully review all the information on this page before proceeding with your donation request and note the following:

We are able to consider donation requests only from registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and will require a copy of your IRS Affirmation Letter.

As much as we’d like to, due to the high volume of requests that we receive, we cannot support every organization that is seeking a donation.

If we are able to contribute to your event, our support might take the form of:

• Gift certificate donations for experiences in our tasting room

• Spirit donations to serve at a fundraising event

• Spirit donations for fundraising auctions

• Discounted sales of our spirits at a nonprofit rate

Please note the following licensing and legal requirements:

• For events where donated alcohol is to be served or auctioned, a special general license is required from the California ABC. You may find a copy of the application & instructions here.

• There are separate fees for spirits to be served and for spirits to be auctioned, as noted on the attached sample form.

• It is not possible for us to donate spirits for events where the alcohol license in use is obtained by a caterer or a bar/restaurant. Your nonprofit organization must obtain its own license.

• We require that any alcohol at your fundraising event be served only to and enjoyed responsibly by guests 21 and over.

In return for any spirit donation, we also ask the following:

• Please feature any donated spirits we donate in cocktails made with other quality spirits, mixers, and fresh ingredients whenever possible.

• Please credit “St. George Spirits” and any donated spirits by name on any signage and/or menus at your event, or in any online event descriptions or press outreach.

• Please tag/mention @stgeorgespirits in any social media posts by your organization in regards to your event.

Donation Request Form

Put 'N/A' if not applicable.