St. George Terroir Gin

    The Spirit

    An ode to the wild beauty of the Golden State.

    Forest-driven and earthy, Terroir is a profoundly aromatic gin with a real sense of place. We wanted to make a spirit that conveyed what we love about the monumental groves of trees, moist and misty glens, and sun-baked chaparral of our favorite local parklands.

    With Terroir Gin, we try to take you there with Douglas fir, California bay laurel, coastal sage, and other evocative botanicals. Sip it and be transported.

    The Process

    Wildcrafted local Douglas fir and California bay laurel form Terroir’s aromatic signature—and 10 more botanicals help complete the picture.

    We use a well-seasoned wok to roast the coriander seeds used in Terroir Gin. (The wok we use was Lance’s 13th birthday present. It was on his wish list. Yes, he was an unusual child.) Coriander isn’t endemic to the Bay Area, but roasted coriander has an intoxicating earthy bouquet reminiscent of the region’s chaparral. On roasting days, the entire distillery is filled with the most fantastic aromas.


    We distill the fir and sage individually on a 250-liter still to minimize the impact of seasonal variation. The fresh bay laurel leaves and juniper berries are vapor-infused in a botanicals basket. The other botanicals go right in the pot of our 1,500-liter still.

    The Experience

    Terroir is a forest in your glass—with ultra woodsy notes of Douglas fir, California bay laurel, sage, and a hint of citrus.

    Stunning on the rocks or in a martini. Absolutely lovely in a Collins garnished with fresh fennel and bay leaf (or whatever fresh herbs you happen to have on hand).

    For some, the Douglas fir in this gin immediately triggers an association with Christmas—but for us it’s a gin for all seasons. At the height of summer, try Terroir with fresh huckleberries, blueberries, or raspberries for an earthy, brambly delight.

    Find a few recipe ideas here.

    What they’re saying

    One of the most distinctive gins made in America. — GQ

    One of the best gins you’ll ever taste. — Forbes

    Spectacularly evocative. — Food & Wine

    An intense, woodsy aroma and a clean, crisp flavor… simply beautiful in a martini.
    Washington Post

    What John Muir would have carried in his flask. — Tasting Table

    An expression of a forest that is so right on, it could make the bear on the label homesick. — 7×7

    Delivers hints of pine and sage, giving a simple Gin and Tonic a new world of flavor. — Paste


    Formats: 750ml & 200ml
    ABV: 45%
    Availability: Widely available. Search here.