Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie

    Basil Eau De Vie

    The Spirit

    A fantastic tomato season inspired master distiller Lance Winters to create our Basil Eau de Vie. His goal was to create a spirit that would complement the fresh, savory nature of garden-fresh summer tomatoes. Our Basil Eau de Vie does not only that, but is also a versatile, savory complement to all sorts of other fresh produce and fruit. If you love to cook, you’ll have a lot of fun with this spirit!

    The Process

    Using brandy as the base spirit gives the palate richness without distracting from the basil. Fresh Genovese basil gives body and flavor, while fresh Thai basil lends spice and top notes. Both kinds of basil go right into the pot of one of our 250-liter custom copper stills.

    The Experience

    On the palate, you’ll find a warm, sweet, fresh, vegetal, and slightly menthol character. On the nose: bright anise notes. Try it in a Gimlet, with fresh tomato water, any type of agua fresca (watermelon and strawberry are favorites), lemongrass, or coconut water.

    What they’re saying

    I could drink St. George's Basil Eau de Vie every day of my life. — Mariena Mercer/Serious Eats

    A small bottling with big flavor. — San Francisco Chronicle


    Format: 750ml
    ABV: 40%
    Availability: Originally a California exclusive, now more widely available. Search here.