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    Clear Fruit Brandies Pack an Orchard into a Bottle | April 2015

    Great story from NPR on St. George Spirits’ origins, the evolution of pear brandy in this country, and rise of American craft sprits: “The art

    was mostly lost in America until 1982, when a German named Jörg Rupf founded California’s St. George Spirits, the first American craft distillery since the Prohibition. The fruit brandies he began making there inspired the American artisan distillation movement.”


    Green Chile Vodka is Here | March 2015

    “When St. George Spirits comes out with a vodka, you can bet it will be something outstanding.” So says the LA Times about our three new vodkas! Our All Purpose Vodka is “just the bottle for restocking your home bar,” while the California Citrus has “has all the finesse of a fine perfume.” As for the headlining Green Chile? It’s “a real stunner” with “an invigorating snap of heat, and a seductively smooth mouth-feel.”

    SF Weekly

    Distilled Happiness | March 2015

    Adrian Spinelli on the distillery’s creativity, forward thinking, and new vodka release.


    St. George Spirits Launches Three New Solo Vodkas | March 2015

    Excited by the release of our three new vodkas, Eater proclaims that “Alameda’s distilling heroes are back in the vodka biz.”

    Vanity Fair

    The Best Mini-Bottles to Sneak into the Movies | February 2015

    Apparently, Vanity Fair is a Root of All Evil fan (and a bit of a scofflaw)! “Absinthe at the movies? Yes. Just add root beer, thank us later.”


    Novelist Charles Yu on St. George California Reserve Agricole Rum | January 2015

    Writer Charles Yu journeys to the bottom of a bottle of St. George California Reserve Agricole Rum—and chronicles his adventure along the way. A great read!

    Whisky Advocate

    Whisky Advocate Award: Craft Whiskey of the Year | December 2014

    St. George Single Malt Whiskey (“a beautifully integrated whiskey that is unmistakably St. George”) named Craft Whiskey of the Year by Whisky Advocate. A tremendous honor!