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Extreme Heat Decimated the Raspberry Crop This Year

We’re heartbroken that we won’t be able to make our raspberry brandy this year, and we’re heartbroken for the farmers who lost their crop.

Lance Winters and Dave Smith, June 2022


Distiller Features St. George Single Malt in their American Malt Whiskey Roundup

Jake Emen recommends our Lot Series in his roundup of American Single Malts you should try.

Matthew Wyne, June 2022


Whiskey Release News: Ruthless

A special edition, limited release whiskey that we've been brewing up for some time.

Ellie Winters, December 2021


St. George Single Malt Whiskey, Lot 21

Our annual single malt release will be making its way to store shelves.

Ellie Winters, November 2021


Single Cask Release from Lost Lantern Whiskey

Lost Lantern Whiskey, an independent bottler of American whiskey, is releasing a single cask of our single malt.

Ellie Winters, October 2021


Release news: California Reserve Apple Brandy is here!

Our latest release of California Reserve Apple Brandy has started to roll out—and will be available at the distillery bottle shop starting today!

May 2021

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