June 2022
Lance Winters and Dave Smith

Extreme Heat Decimated the Raspberry Crop This Year

We’re heartbroken that we won’t be able to make our raspberry brandy this year, and we’re heartbroken for the farmers who lost their crop.

Since St. George Spirits was founded in 1982, we’ve produced a wide variety of spirits guided by our reverence for superlative raw materials. For 40 years, we've thoughtfully crafted our Raspberry Liqueur by sourcing extraordinary fruit from the Pacific Northwest.

Last year, the raspberry harvest in the Northwest was decimated due to extreme heat spikes over the summer. We spent months searching high and low to source raspberries that met our standards, but the quality of raspberries that we have always relied upon simply didn’t exist in 2021. We made the difficult decision to hold off on producing more Raspberry Liqueur until high-quality raspberries become available again.

While the 2022 Pacific Northwest harvest is better than 2021, the region again experienced heat spikes in late July, shorting the delicate raspberry crop. We were unable to source raspberries that would give the quality of liqueur that we can stand behind and you have come to expect from St. George Spirits. If we were to attempt to make our Raspberry Liqueur from fruit that did not meet our standards, it simply would not be the same product that you know and love, and we wouldn’t be St. George Spirits.

Hopefully, climate change willing, the next raspberry harvest in late summer 2023 will be an abundant one.

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