September 2014

Breaking & Entering Bourbon on hold

Sad news for bourbon fans: For the foreseeable future, we will not be bottling any more Breaking & Entering Bourbon.

As we've stated from the get-go, B&E is a product of barrels we “stole” from some of the most esteemed bourbon distilleries in Kentucky and blended back here at our distillery in Alameda. In the three years since we began the B&E project, our costs for buying bourbon to blend into B&E have skyrocketed. We accepted lower margins because we saw B&E as a contribution to the category worthy of the St. George name and we wanted to be able to keep producing a spirit we love to drink—and share.

Unfortunately, the bourbons that we want to blend into B&E are no longer for sale at any price.

We believe that we'll see those choicest barrels on the market again, but in the meantime the bourbon that we want simply doesn't exist.

We're proud of B&E—a sourced and blended bourbon worthy of our legacy as America's oldest craft distillery. We're proud of our team that has shaped B&E into a relevant brand that customers care about and call for by name. While we're disappointed that we don't currently hold the casks to blend more B&E, we made the call not to compromise the integrity of what we put into B&E—even if that meant discontinuing the brand in the short term.

Breaking & Entering didn't exist a few years ago and we're guessing that the bottles that remain on the market will get snapped up by bourbon lovers as passionate about B&E as you are. If you're lucky enough to have a bottle at home or to spot some on the shelf of a spirits shop near you, please savor it—and know that when we get back to barrel thievin', you'll be the first to know.

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