September 2014

Award: Spirit Journal Hall of Fame

Wow! We are hugely honored to have been inducted into the Spirit Journal Hall of Fame, along with fellow inductees Charbay Winery & Distillery, Germain-Robin, and Clear Creek Distillery.

In the September issue of Spirit Journal, Paul Pacult writes: “These four home-grown distilleries proved to be the pioneering first generation, the trailblazing entities that persevered through the early years of artisanal distilling during the 1980s and early 1990s, when acceptance and recognition for non-mainstream spirits were spotty, at best.

In 2014, 450 to 500 craft distillers are honing their skills across all 50 of the United States. This remarkable fact alone affirms the notion that (these four distilleries) provided the necessary platform and shone the beacons that guided this vigorous grassroots movement to its current place of influence and impact. The craft distilleries that followed... might not have started up at all weren't for the legacy of the four new Hall of Fame inductees.”

This is a tremendous honor from one of the most respected spirits publications in the world. We are humbled and grateful.

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