• Recent Press

    San Francisco Chronicle

    The Chronicle’s search for the perfect gin and tonic recipe | July 2015

    The Chron endorses Terroir Gin as an essential part of the perfect G&T!


    All-American Spirits | July 2015

    Playboy recommends our agricole rum among its selections of all-American spirits, saying that it “might not be for the faint of heart but will blow away more adventurous drinkers.”

    Wall Street Journal

    How to (Seriously) Upgrade Your Gin and Tonic | June 2015

    Why does the Wall Street Journal love Terroir Gin? Because it “makes a G&T taste like a dewy walk through the woods before the sun burns off the fog.”

    Serious Eats

    13 Spirited Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Drink | June 2015

    St. George All Purpose Vodka on Serious Eats’ list of gifts for dad!

    Just Cocktails

    Lance Winters, of Legendary St. George Spirits | May 2015

    Local barman Matt Grippo talks with Lance about distillation, inspiration, and what’s next here at St. George Spirits.


    Craft Distillers Know Their Spirits and How to Put The Genie Back In The Bottle | May 2015

    Q&A with Lance about “the edge of this art form,” including “what distillation can and can’t do or should and shouldn’t do.”


    Warming Up to Chile-Infused Vodka | May 2015

    Hot stuff! A great write-up from the San Francisco Chronicle on our Green Chile Vodka, recs for where you can taste it locally, and a Green Chile Vodka recipe from bartender Matt Harrison.


    The Realest: Flavored Spirits Find Life Outside the Lab | May 2015

    Three cheers for PUNCH for keeping an open mind when it comes to the oft-dismissed category of flavored spirits! After tasting our new vodkas, along with spirits from Charbay Winery & Distillery and Leopold Bros., the takeaway is “the most shudder-inducing category is finding new life in the form of thoughtful, often locally sourced products courtesy of the country’s top distillers.”

    Food Republic

    St. George Spirits Is America’s Craftiest Distillery | April 2015

    “Craft-spirits fans should be thankful that there is a beacon like St. George,” says writer Virginia Miller in this profile of the distillery that connects our origins as eau de vie makers to everything we do today. One of our favorite profiles of the distillery… ever.


    American Booze Hall of Fame | April 2015

    Serious Eats includes our “evocative” St. George Terroir Gin among its recommendations for Best Spirits of the West.