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    February 27 | Free Vodka Tasting at Cask on 3rd

    San Francisco | Join us at Cask at 3rd & Market for a free tasting of all three St. George Vodkas (All Purpose Vodka, Green Chile Vodka, and California Citrus Vodka). No reservations needed, just pop by 4–6pm for free samples.

    February 28 | Free Spirits Tasting at Cask Rincon

    San Francisco | Come taste spirits with us 4–6pm at Cask in the Rincon Center! The pour list for this tasting is still TBD, but as always, we'll have some fun stuff for you to sample—for free!

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    November 2019 | Lot 19 has started rolling out... and it is magnificent!

    We know there are lots of whiskey fans out there hoping to secure a bottle of their own. As demand for our whiskey continues to grow, however, we expect interest in Lot 19 to eclipse availability. That said, we hope that the information here will help you in your search:

    If you're in California...

    Due to the limited nature of the release, we will not be pouring Lot 19 in the distillery’s tasting room.

    However, our California distributor has picked up its order of Lot 19 for NorCal, and bottles will begin landing with local spirits shops, restaurants, and bars shortly. Bottles will soon land in SoCal as well, and continue to pop up throughout the state through the end of the year as more orders reach our distributor.

    Since we don’t have access to retailers' real-time inventory, we unfortunately aren’t able to pinpoint where and when bottles will be available.

    As always, we suggest you begin your search by contacting your favorite brick-and-mortar spirits specialty shops to let them know of your interest. As a reminder: The onsite shop at the distillery (Heads, Hearts & Tails) is a separate business, so it’s best to contact them directly with questions about inventory. You could also try larger chain retailers that specialize in or carry spirits (such as BevMo, Total Wine, and Whole Foods); with past releases, it has typically taken longer for bottles to reach larger stores than independent retailers.

    If you're in another state...

    Lot 19 will start landing outside California in the coming weeks and continue rolling out throughout the holidays. If past releases are any indication, bottles in other states won’t fly off the shelves quite as fast as in California. As always, reaching out to your favorite local spirits specialty shops is always a good first step.

    Wherever you are, we appreciate your interest. If you require additional assistance, please contact us and we’ll try to help further if we can.

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